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 Whats most likely going to happen.

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Whats most likely going to happen. Empty
PostSubject: Whats most likely going to happen.   Whats most likely going to happen. Icon_minitimeFri Jul 16, 2010 2:16 am

Cyrax wrote at 2:14 AM on Jun 16, 2010 :
LuiKang couldn't be in the movie if they follow the story line wich is formed into bull**** from this Trailer.

1. Reptile IS a REPTILE not a mutated freak >_>
Blaze(Armageddon Boss) was protecting the egg that Reptile was in.

2. LuiKang was killed by ShangTsung in MortalKombat Deadly Alliance intro.
He came back as a Zombie in Armageddon.
So he'll be a zombie in the movie? lolwut?

3. Baraka looks like a guy with dreads only for effect and to show a more real side to the movie, he's bald and a race of the "Tarkatan" in the game but he's an insane Dr in this.

4. They HAVE to put me in it. Don't they want to feel some sort of satisfaction of remaking a HUGE FAIL they caused in MK2 Movie? I look like a ****ing CyberMonkey... ;_;

So yeah they did say that this intro could POSSIBLY be about the game and not the actuall movie, well if it was for the game how come they too the actor from Spawn and used him for Jax?
C'mon now this HAS to be a movie.

Cyrax wrote at 2:23 AM on Jun 16, 2010 :
I EXPECT in the MOVIE to ser over 30+ MK characters.

Reasons why: They want everyone's fave MK char to be there.
You'll most likely see(At the big tournament) MK Chars performing fatalitys on n00bz that are ALSO in the tournament.

Well of course they have to put random n00bz in the Tourny cause ONE you wanna see your fave char do a fatality and TWO they said not a dam thing about "Strict MortalKombat characters only" and it's for the hype right? if they don't do this then WTF?!? there NOT following the story line worth ****, they atleast gotta do this.

Plus you might see 3-5 ACTUALL fatalitys on some MK chars.

When they do start fighting at the tourny i EXPECT to see hella MK chars and a couple n00bz down below watching. That or they might put them on a stage, like The Forest, The Pit that'll make it sexy.

Cyrax wrote at 2:30 AM on Jun 16, 2010 : my dreams shatter... ;_;

But i also see the new MortalKombat preview for the game...i think my house was flooded when the preview ended.
Great graphics, epic fighting moves/gameplay action, i seen Sektor :O
They did a beautiful job with this game. imo StreetFight can't beat MK's over for Capcom, Midway raped them.

I kinda ALSO expected it to be for X-Box 360/PS3 and NOT for the Wii, it would'v failed but knowing me i STILL woulda bought it.

Soo yeah, if it's a ACTUALL movie wich it MOST LIKELY IS then it's gonna be Fighter/Suspence/Thriller
Theres GONNA be gore and death kinda knew that.

Sorry if my typo's confused you, i'm on WiiNet, wich is a ***** to type on.
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Whats most likely going to happen.
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